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This is the livingroom of my space. I recently painted this bold purple on the closet that encloses the furnace. I had been trying to find a way to disguise the fact that it's there, but, recently decided the best thing to do was just to make it (the color) the focal point. I will be adding a new door pull in a brushed metal finish in a shape that mimics the base on the lamps. I still want to add a new area rug and pillows with strong graphic elements and plenty of color, as well as a few more accessories for the walls. I am working on bringing in an art installation using bamboo.

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1. anne1 | May 25, 2009

I think your space is coming together nicely. Maybe you could tie things together by repeating the purple in an accent on the table or in a piece of artwork. Great job.

2. ginger | July 07, 2009

Very fun space. I love the zebra print chair! Where did you snag that from?

3. popeye | November 19, 2009

WOW--all so bold and eclectic. i love ur black-and-white and metallic themes. seriously cannot wait to see what area rug u choose. not too sure abt the purple on the wall, tho. have u considered a deep, dramatic red?

4. anne1 | November 23, 2009

You've been working on your space. I see you've added an area rug and an accessory or two. I like what you've done in what seems like a small space from the photos. I think I see the same room in another posting with the furniture moved around. Is that the same room? What great chairs that you can move around to look completely different. Where did you get those?? From the photos above, I think you could add another accessory or pillows to tie in the purple wall color. Have fun with it.

5. tgibbs | January 25, 2010

I have recently added the most updated photo of this space. It has come as far as I intend to take it, and I am really happy with the way it came together. My color choices are bold, and energetic, and warm and exciting, all at once! Purple, was actually not my original choice, I was going to go with deep, warm red, but, I am pleased with the finished product. The paint was originally chosen as an option to disguise the closet that hides the furnace(hint), the big black and white picture hangs in front of it, then it just made sense to carry the color to the perfect accent wall. The orange and chocolate brown balance the purple, and accents of lemon yellow add an additional burst of vibrant color. Using the black and white, and metallic accents help to establish the modern feel that I wanted for the space, and help to keepit from being too dark.

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