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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RSVPstyle?

RSVPstyle teaches the basics of home design and décor to anyone who wants to learn. We believe your home is your space—shouldn’t it reflect your style? We make learning fun and easy through www.rsvpstyle.com, workshops and specialty seminars, and our DVD series.

RSVPstyle.com is designed to teach as well as encourage. Whether you need inspiration, tips for a remodeling project or opinions on your furniture layout, RSVPstyle’s online community of home design and décor experts and enthusiasts is here for you.

Who are the people behind RSVPstyle?

Thanks for asking! Click on About Us to read our stories.

Is there a fee to join?

Absolutely not! Membership is 100% FREE.

How do I register?

Go to http://www.rsvpstyle.com/community/register. You’ll see the Register link at the top of the page (along with Login, About Us and Contact Us). Click on Register to sign up.

If I’m not working on a decorating project, why should I register?

RSVPstyle.com is a treasure trove of design and decorating lessons and ideas! While most of the site’s content is available to everyone, you’ll need to register in order to watch the complete collection of video tips from Cathy Lee and other experts in the Style Videos gallery. Registering also signs you up for new and exciting updates on the latest at RSVPstyle, special coupons from our sponsors and invitations to our workshops. And if you’ve already completed a home decorating project you’re proud of, it’s fun to join our other members and post your photos in our Showcases. Who knows who you might inspire?

How can I help other RSVPstyle members?

Design Dilemmas in the Community section to see what other members are asking for help with. Add your creative ideas and constructive criticism to help them on their way to their dream space. Of course, you’ll need to log in or if you’re not yet a member, register here. Remember, it costs absolutely nothing to join.

How do I ask for help from other members of the RSVPstyle community?

First, if you haven’t already joined, click here for free membership at RSVPstyle. If you’re stumped by a design or decorating problem, upload your pictures to Design Dilemmas, post your question and get feedback from other members. If your question is more general, feel free to contact us here or email us at [email protected].

Do I have to upload pictures in order to participate?

No, you can still browse the site and comment on other people’s projects or on Cathy’s blog, but it’s more fun and you’ll get more out of it if you post some of your own photos.

The username/e-mail address I’m using has already been taken. What do I do?

If your first choice username is already in use, get creative and think of another fun username that’s easy to remember. If your e-mail address is taken, chances are you already registered. Go to the login page and click Forgot Password. You’ll be prompted to enter your e-mail address. Both your username and password will be e-mailed to you.

I lost my password, what do I do now?

Go to the login page. Click Forgot Password and you’ll be prompted to enter your e-mail address. Both your username and password will be e-mailed to you.

I lost my username, what do I do now?

Go to the login page. Click Forgot Password and you’ll be prompted to enter your e-mail address. Both your username and password will be e-mailed to you.

What is My Style?

My Style is where you can keep track of your own project and chronicle the progress of your home. Share your My Style page with your family, friends or even potential contractors. They can go online and view your project photos to get information to make a bid. It’s easy!

Can I remain anonymous?

Of course. When you register you’ll be asked to create a username. Be sure that it’s one you are comfortable using. We don’t recommend using e-mail addresses as usernames because they are viewable by the public and you could receive unwanted spam.

I’ve found a project that I really like, how do I let that person know?

Remember, you must be registered to make comments. Click on the project’s thumbnail photo and sign in. Make a comment or give advice to your fellow member. When you’re done, click “I have read and understand the submission agreement.” Your comment will be posted.

Someone has posted a comment to me. How do I respond?

Simple—just post a comment under your photos and include that member’s username.

How do I report an inappropriate comment?

How rude! Let us know here so we can sort out the problem. You can also send us an e-mail at [email protected].

My e-mail and home address are private, right?

Right. Your private information is for us only, we promise! Click here to read our privacy policy and find out how we protect you and all of our members.

How do I know that my information is being protected by RSVPstyle?

We’re taking extra measures to protect your valuable personal information. Please view our privacy policy to see just how we do that.

What is your spam policy?

We absolutely hate spam, just like everyone else! We do our best to keep our e-mails short and sweet, without any junk. But if you’d rather not receive our exclusive offers and promotions via e-mail, go to your My Style page and click on My Personal Information. In the updates section, answer the Keep Me Posted question by selecting “No thanks, I’d rather not receive any fabulous offers.”

What if I notice a copyright violation?

As publishers of our own RSVPstyle learning materials, we respect the value of copyright and it is never our intention to violate the law. Please e-mail us at [email protected] about any potential violation so we can take steps to correct it.

I’ve got a great idea for the website, who should I contact?

We’re always looking for fresh ideas and feedback and are open to any suggestions. E-mail us at [email protected].

What’s the difference between Community and Inspire and Learn?

The Inspire and Learn section of the website is designed to get your creative juices flowing. It contains articles, videos, inspiration pages, useful tips from Cathy Lee and advice from experts in various fields. The Community section lets you share your progress on a project, get input for your design dilemma or showcase a space you’re proud of. You can check out other members’ work and give them your feedback, too!

What’s the difference between My Place, Design Dilemma, Showcase and Cool Finds? Which ones should I upload my photos to?

Upload photos of your home that you’d like to share with friends, family, contractors and anyone else to My Place. Keep a photo log of your progress and upload new photos here.

If you hit a snag in your remodel or decorating project and want an opinion, upload photos to Design Dilemma. The community will try to help you solve your problem!

Proud of your design/décor project? Share your work and invite the community to rate it in the Showcase section.

If you stumble upon a great buy, a touch of whimsy or fabulous art piece, upload a photo in Cool Finds. Tell us why you love it and include the store name and website so others can find it too. Don’t forget to show us how you’ve displayed your Cool Find in your home!

How do I upload a photo?

  1. Locate your images. Your photos should be stored on your computer’s hard drive. Most PCs save photos in a folder called My Pictures, which is located in the My Documents folder in the My Computer folder.
  2. In My Style, select Add a Place, Add a Dilemma, Add a Showcase or Add a Cool Find.
  3. Name your project and categorize it. Is it a kitchen, dining room, bathroom or family room?
  4. Upload up to six photos. Click the Browse button, find the folder and select the photos you want to upload. Click on Upload Photos. Uploading can take a few seconds to several minutes depending on the size of the image file and the speed of your internet connection. Note: Some firewalls prevent users from uploading data/images to the internet. Be sure to check your firewall security settings.
  5. Write a caption below each photo. Your first photo will be the thumbnail image shown when searching for projects. You can rearrange your photo order if you like. Look at the image arrangement key to get an idea of how the photos will display. Click Submit and your photos are live!

How do I edit an existing set of photos?

In My Style, click on the My Projects tab. All your projects will be displayed. Find the project you want to edit and click on Edit Place, Edit Dilemma, Edit Showcase or Edit Cool Find. Your project will be displayed.

Add or delete photos or change captions and descriptions by clicking on Edit This Set of Photos.

You can upload additional sets of photos in Places. To do this, you need to edit your existing set of photos. When you edit your project in the orange Edit My Place box, you’ll see a link to add an update. Clicking this link will let you add photos and chronicle your project’s progress. This is a great way to share your progress with friends and family.

I uploaded the wrong photos and want to start again. How do I delete a project?

Go to your My Style page. Click on the project. Next to the name of your project is a link to delete your Place, Dilemma, Showcase or Cool Find.

How will I know if my pictures have been uploaded?

You’ll see them in My Style in the Community section.

What if the pictures I’ve selected are the wrong size?

Large photos take a long time to upload. Resizing your photos to a smaller web size will allow you to upload faster. If your pictures are too big, you may get an error message saying that you are unable to upload your photos. Use your photo management software to shrink your photos.

How do I view the profile of myself that everyone else sees?

Click on the View Profile tab on your screen.