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Style Tips


Don’t touch these sticks!

Creating just the right look and feel takes time and even the effect of randomly placed sticks can be contrived. I propped these up with bubble wrap and newspaper and they are exactly where I want them to be! Having the sticks fall over in this direction also served the purpose of filling the white space without needing to add a picture to the equation.


Double duty!

Why not find lamps that serve two purposes? To brighten and beautify! Lamps that have an interesting shape, size or texture can add style and ambiance to your room.


Off center

Don’t feel the need to always center arrangements. In this bedroom the offset red blocks add color and weight to the right, while the wall design on the left adds visual interest.


Grouping: Who says three is a crowd?

Generally, an easy formula for groupings is to work in threes. Look for what binds your pieces together and also what makes them different – otherwise the arrangement can get really boring.

I had these two dark brown ceramic vases and then later found the large ceramic teapot to finish my grouping of three. My common denominator was the glossy ceramic finish and what makes it interesting is the variety in height and shape.


A centerpiece for all occasions

Your centerpiece doesn’t always have to be extravagant. Just pick up a bag of lemons or green apples while you’re at the market. Place them in a unique or interesting bowl to create a fun, fresh and affordable centerpiece. No time to get a fresh flower arrangement? Just look in the refrigerator! Any fresh fruit or veggies will do the trick.


Cohesiveness is Key

Repetition has the ability to bring a room together. When it came time to find the bar stools I looked for something that would tie in with some other element already existing in the room.

I had the drawer pulls all picked out for the koa wood kitchen cabinets, which were a simple bronze hardware with clean lines. Since the wood on the kitchen’s island was identical to that on the cabinets, it was a natural choice to go with metal barstools with the same clean lines and bronze finish as the drawer pulls.


Make it your own

You can make an inexpensive chair look like a million bucks simply by reupholstering it with some custom fabric. Select chairs with clean lines and simple designs and make them your own.


Watch your Swatches

When shopping, be sure to take your samples along with you to tie in to other pieces in the room – don’t rely on memory. There are thousands of different shades of beige!


Subtle contrast and color

I chose to subtly use 3 different paint colors on the walls for interest. There is the accent color on the entry wall, a lighter shade on the adjacent wall and a third color in the art niche. The subtle blend of neutrals creates a harmonious look while still adding style and drama to the space.


Black matters

I like to accent with black. Black brings a heightened sense of intensity to everything else in the room. It was a simple way to add contrast. Imagine the fruit in a brown or silver platter – it just wouldn’t have the same effect.