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A Delectable Dining Room

Cut me a CUBE! Delectable Dining


No one would want to be late for dinner in this delicious setting! Cubes are the obvious inspiration for this space. From the cutouts in the dining chairs, to the square mirrors, the blocks in the window treatment, the pattern in the rug, and to a degree the style of the dining table and plates, repetition creates a harmonious look and feel. Perfect for a relaxing meal and conversation!

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Inspiration Tips:

  • A picture is worth a thousand words

    Your inspiration picture could be worth thousands of dollars! Be sure to have it on hand when you are meeting with your architect, general contractor even a furniture sales person. (Anyone who is involved in helping you to create your inspiring space.) Don’t let miscommunication cost you money, time and frustration. Your photos could clue them in on your likes, dislikes, style and vision. This way you will all be on the same page...your inspiration page!

  • Start with an anchor piece

    Artwork and rugs are great anchor pieces to inspire your room’s direction. They’re great springboards for your imagination and give you a color palate to help with focus omit. Tie in colors from your artwork or rug when selecting furniture, accessories, fixtures, paint etc. for a cohesive look.

  • Stay Organized!

    Keep an inspiration folder full of things you love and want to refer back to. That way you have it on hand when you are ready to recreate your own space. I like to use post-its to jot down what it was about the picture that inspired me. So, months later when I look at my folder I immediately reconnect with that inspiring moment (also my memory is not what it used to be). So, when I see something that I love – it goes right into my notebook.

  • Become a book collector

    I like to keep design and art books on hand for those times when my inspiration needs a little jumpstart. But all those books can get expensive - especially if you collect a lot of them like I do. Visit local flea markets, rummage sales and used bookstores to find interesting and unusual books for next to nothing. Then collect ‘til your heart’s content!

  • Go window-shopping

    One of the best ways I’ve found to get myself inspired is to go shopping! But instead of looking for items to buy, I look at things like colors, textures, patterns and designs – even packaging. Believe it or not there’s tons of inspiration right down at the mall.

  • Stretch your legs

    Staring at the walls is not going to get you out of that design rut. The best thing you can do is to take a hike (okay maybe a walk). Get outside and look to nature for inspiring ideas. Observe how beautifully nature has mixed color, shape and texture. You might even collect little things along the way like stones or a little sprig of something to take home with you as a reminder. Don’t forget your sunscreen!