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Trust God, trust each other. Nothing no can.

– Kiha & Rodil

Steelframe Home Builders specializes in designing and building single-family homes. While our experience includes construction of churches, schools, medical/dental clinics, and commercial retail/office space, our favorite type of project is building a home for the local family. We believe building a home is and should be one of the most joyful and memorable experiences of a lifetime.
Our specialities are: Custom-built steel frame homes. No company has built more custom steel homes in Hawaii. Using the team approach and the “STEELFRAME RECIPE,” we guarantee homeowners get the maximum value for their money. Not only does the process work every time, it honors people and it’s really fun.
3 words that describe our company: Trust, Excellence, Integrity
To me, living with style means: To have the freedom, knowledge and resources to have my home reflect my unique personality. As my home is an extension of me, I want the architecture, design, furniture and decor to reflect my family, my unique heritage, my culture, my character and my heart.

Nice Guys Finish First

Kiha Pimental and Rod Saragoza build steel-frame homes with golden hearts.

Kiha Pimental and Rod Saragoza’s unrivaled service and top-notch product have made Steelframe Home Builders the... {read more}



Q & A

Why partner with a design-build contractor rather than competitively bid my home project?
Partnering and collaboration are the standard for organizations on the leading edge. Competitive bidding starts with an architect who charges for detailed plans put out to bid by different contractors. When bids come in above your budget, you must negotiate to cut costs, often sacrificing your priorities, or simply pay more money.

With the team approach, everyone knows the priorities and constraints. In this partnership, everyone is working for the common goal: to give you the maximum value within your budget.
Does steel cost more than wood?
Presently, a steel stud costs $7.20 while a wood stud costs about $4. Over the whole project this cost difference is minimal—for example, $390,000 for a complete wood home versus $400,000 for a complete steel frame home. And remember, in Hawaii alone, termites caused almost $100 million in damage last year.

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i wish i was there”

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Kiha Pimental and Rod Saragoza’s unrivaled service and top...

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Why partner with a design-build contractor rather than competitively bid my home project?
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Does steel cost more than wood?
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What People Are Saying...

i wish i was there”

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