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Landscapes need to complement the overall theme of home and property. Each element should work together to create the desired feeling.

– Bret

A high-end company that can handle all of your outdoor needs, we offer design, installation and maintenance of quality landscapes. Our specialties go far beyond landscaping: We also offer sprinkler repair, pressure washing and outdoor lighting. And we can design and contract beautiful, functional driveways, pools, walkways, fences, concrete walls, rock walls and outdoor showers.
Our specialties are: High-end residential landscape design, installation and maintenance.
3 words that describe our company: Quality, Detail, Performance
To me, living with style means: Not going over the top. There is nothing wrong with simple elegance. The most stylish homes are the ones designed with simple class.



Q & A

Can I design my landscape with any plant(s) I choose?
No. Plants are very sensitive to their environment. They require different amounts of sun and water, and they need to be grouped accordingly. Depending on where you live, certain plants can and cannot be used.
How much does plant placement matter?
This is one of the most common errors made by homeowners and landscape professionals. Plants need to be placed with the knowledge of what the plant will become or how it will be trained to grow, not based on what it looks like when purchased. This is especially critical when planting trees.
Can I plant any type of tree I want?
Trees do best when left alone. If you do not have room for a large tree, find one with a maximum size that fits your needs, not one that will grow large and need constant trimming. And consider your environment: If you live in Kahala, don’t plant a lychee tree and expect it to fruit. Find something better suited to the heat.

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Can I design my landscape with any plant(s) I choose?
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How much does plant placement matter?
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Can I plant any type of tree I want?
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