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DeBiasi Pacific has designed and built swimming pools, spas and beautiful gardens at recreational and resort facilities throughout Hawaii and the Pacific since 1983. Now we bring this expertise to your home, transforming residential outdoor spaces into private boutique resorts. We’ll help you draw up a budget and work within it to create a perfect outdoor environment you absolutely can’t wait to come home to.
Our specialities are: Natural and architectural pools, spas, falling water features, rockscapes, pool cabanas, entryways, recreational elements, garden features.
3 words that describe our company: Creativity, Passion, Excellence
To me, living with style means: Surrounding myself with elements that make me feel good, that please my own design sense and those of the people around me.

Water Worlds

Steve DeBiasi makes beauty with water, earth and light

Steve DeBiasi did not grow up in a house with a swimming pool. The respected landscape and pool designer was raised... {read more}



Q & A

Is difficult or expensive to maintain a pool?
No, this is a big misconception. A pool requires 15 to 20 minutes a week to maintain. Historically, the largest cost is electricity, but with new technology in energy-efficient equipment, the cost has drastically decreased in the last two years. We expect it to go down even more with ongoing advances in technology.
Salt or chorine?
This is definitely a personal preference. With a chlorine system, the chemical is active in the entire volume of water. With a salt system, chlorine is only active while it passes through the filter. The question is: Do you want a more sterile pool with active chemicals? Or do you want a more chemical-free pool that’s a little less sterile? Today’s typical residential pools have very low levels of chlorine and are even potable. Something else to consider: Salt is a water softener and correct water hardness means less corrosiveness to your pool’s finish.
Can I have a pool with a tree nearby?
Absolutely! Pool shells are designed and built structurally with concrete and rebar to handle the force of tree roots. Trees will naturally grow around or away when blocked. So unless there are solid structures surrounding the tree and the roots have nowhere to go, this is not a problem.


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    Pools that fit your lifestyle

    Steve DeBiasi of DeBiasi Pacific tells homeowners to consider long term lifestyle needs when designing your pool.

  • Prolonging the life of your poolProlonging the life of your pool

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Steve DeBiasi did not grow up in a house with a swimming...

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Is difficult or expensive to maintain a pool?
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Salt or chorine?
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Can I have a pool with a tree nearby?
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