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Crown’s growth has been a direct result of providing clients quality-focused, cost-effective SOLUTIONS.

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Crown Relocations is the industry leader in providing exceptional services for residential and corporate moves, records management, and logistic services. We continue to raise the bar in evolving standards for value and our commitment to integrity. Understanding our customer’s needs is a cornerstone of the Crown philosophy.
Our specialities are: Crown’s Gallery of Services: moving and storage, furniture fixtures and equipment installation; records management – business information storage and destruction services; customized packing and crating for fine arts.
3 words that describe our company: Customer-Focused Approach
To me, living with style means: Exceeding expectations in providing high quality services.

Moving Mountains and Masterpieces

The Mona Lisa? Giant pandas? It seems there’s nothing Crown Relocations can’t move.

Crown Relocations’ unrivaled service and extensive offerings have made it one of the largest and most trusted moving... {read more}



Q & A

How do I get started with a move?
  • First, determine the time frame required. When do you need to receive your shipment?
  • Decide what belongings you want to ship and when you will need them, and what items you will be disposing of.
  • Call in the experts! Call your local Crown office and schedule an in-home survey with one of our consultants.
What is an in-home survey?
Your Crown consultant will come to your home to complete a visual survey of the belongings you plan to move. He or she has been trained specifically for this purpose and will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of your belongings. Your estimate is based on a wide variety of factors, the two main ones being shipment weight and distance to destination.
What can I expect on moving day?
You can relax and leave all of the hard work to the professionals. Your Crown driver will conduct an initial walk-through of your home. The crew will then prepare your house by protecting the floors and doorways. The crew supervisor will document your items and their condition. The crew will wrap furniture pads around your furniture to protect it from scratches and other damage. Overstuffed furniture will be wrapped in stretch wrap. Once an item is properly protected, it will be loaded onto the truck.


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Crown Relocations’ unrivaled service and extensive offerings...

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How do I get started with a move?
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What is an in-home survey?
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What can I expect on moving day?
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