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For military buyers it’s not about buying your dream home, it’s about building your nest egg for retirement!

– Carol

At Primary Properties, we are a team of knowledgeable, hardworking, and caring realtors. In addition to buying and selling real estate for Hawaii residents, I also specialize in helping military clients relocate to the islands by finding a place to buy or rent. I maintain follow up support in either selling/upgrading or converting existing homes into future rentals by finding property managers to care for your real estate investment. I also help PCSing military members relocate from the islands by getting in touch with a reputable Realtor to assist in the potential purchase or rental of a dwelling at their next duty station.
Our specialties are: Residential selling and buying and helping military clients.
3 words that describe our company: Knowledgeable, Caring and Ethical.
To me, living with style means: Being comfortable and happy in your environment.



Q & A

Why should you buy real estate?
Owning real estate preserves income by reducing your income taxes—as the government increases your taxes, so does your tax savings because you may itemize and deduct mortgage interest, property taxes and expenses associated in the real estate transaction.
What are the benefits of owning your own home?
To list just a few benefits of owning your own home: income tax savings, stable monthly housing costs, forced savings, freedom and individuality, more space—and a home you can say is your own best investment.
How can I help you if you are tired of renting?
When it comes to housing, I can assist you in obtaining financing, inspections, appraisals, market reports on housing value, school information, credit repair and advice on your current ability to purchase a home.
Why use your BAH to buy a home and what are some of the benefits?
As military members buying a home with your BAH, you are able to build wealth and save money. The benefits are having no down payment, no prepayment penalty, having the seller pay for all closing costs associated with the process and closing of the mortgage, and having no mortgage insurance premium to pay. In summary, the best deal is to be able to use tax free income to further reduce your income taxes.

New & Exciting!

This is a great time to buy real estate. Call me for more information at 781-1382.

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Why should you buy real estate?
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What are the benefits of owning your own home?
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How can I help you if you are tired of renting?
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Why use your BAH to buy a home and what are some of the benefits?
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