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Cathy Lee Style
  • RSVPstyle’s Amazing Asian Adventure Spring 2008

    In March of 2008, Cathy Lee and business partner Lissa Rodrigues set out on a three-week adventure through six exotic ports of Asia. The spirited duo had twin missions: the business side, involving a boatload of research, printing plant and factory visits, and laying the groundwork for a potential Invitation to Design workshop aboard the Crystal Symphony later this year; and the other side.

    This other mission was all about family. Cathy and Lissa have families, which they haven’t seen much of—and vice versa—through RSVPstyle’s exciting, non-stop first year. The plucky duo started off their business adventure in Hong Kong in the company of ever-capable office manager Kara Wagner.

    But it was only after husbands, daughters and parents joined them for a once-in-a-lifetime journey of fun, exploration and melting moments that Cathy and Lissa realized that some tides are stronger than they know, and let themselves be swept along…

    This is it: 20 days from Hong Kong to Kobe, Hiroshima, Shanghai, Dalian and Beijing. Come along for Cathy and Lissa’s amazing Asian adventure!